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Begin to reflect on your first semesters at KU - the classes,  your experiences and involvement, and meetings with your academic advisor. 
As you reflect - consider what about them you would like to build on. In the second year, you will explore even further and build your KU network.

Continue your journey with your academic advisor We aren't going anywhere! We are invested in you and your journey. During the first weeks of the semester your advisor will reach out to check-in with you. We want to know how your break was - what experiences did you have? What skills have you learned?

Your continued academics -  UAC advisor will begin to work with you even more as it relates to specific skills and values you have, or things you want to develop further.
You and your advisor will also continue to talk about your academics so far, we can help you pin-point what courses you might take next to further your knowledge and interests. We can help you find the right classroom experiences that enhance and add to your personal interests, values, and employability.

Expand on your University of Kansas network as well. Think about everyone on campus and in community that values your success!
Beyond your classes, we will ask you to really begin engaging with the KU campus even more. Go to professor office hours! Join student clubs and organizations! We want you to be confident as you build your network.
As your credit hours build, more opportunities arise! These often appear as on-campus jobs, leadership positions, and internships. You don't have to know your major to take advantage of these experiences. Your advisor can help you find what is right for you along the way.
You will also find that as you continue to take more courses and move up in level, your class sizes can often go down. This leads to more intentional connections with your fellow Jayhawks. Finding peers that have differing experiences and interests is also a valuable way to explore!

Maximize your academic interests - By the end of your first year - you and your advisor will also have developed a major shortlist. We will help you continue to narrow this down, or find ways to accomplish everything you want to! After all, KU has lots of majors, minors, certificates and experiences that you can combine in infinite ways.

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Print this Exploration Activities worksheet and fill it our with your advisor. Download here.

Career Exploration:

Career Communities - Take the quiz! That is a good way to get started. 
Browse the Career Communities - check out their events. On your specific Exploratory Pathway's Involvement page - you will see there are already some Career Community suggestions listed.
Your UAC advisor can also help build off what you have learned from your University Career Center Career Coach. We'd love to see your Action Plan too! Bring it to your academic advising meetings.

Not sure if you are ready to choose a community? This page will break down interests for you. Begin with either a Career, Interest Area, or a Major you might already have in mind! 

Find something you like? Schedule to meet with a Career Coach about your choices. Filling out their Action Plan worksheet is a great way to get the conversation started and organize your thoughts. 
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KU Mentoring:


KU Mentoring Program - Alumni Association

KU Mentoring program - KU Alumni

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