Exploratory Pathway heading - Discover. Develop. Declare.

"The end result of my many major changes and 4-year plans is not as important as the process itself: the process of finding what it is that you love learning about, the process of finding the classes that make you excited to go to class, and the process of finding the path that will help you maximize your college experience." -  Benji Hawkins, former UAC Peer Advisor and exploratory student

The benefits of beginning your college career as an exploring student

Gather information and gain experiences to help you make an informed decisions. There are so many opportunities KU has to offer you may not know exist yet! We want to help you find them before you make decisions. Discovering new options is a large piece of exploring.
You can save time and money by exploring now rather than years from now. We truly believe that the more informed your academic decision is - the more you will excel and feel passionate about it for life.
Exploring leads you to finding the best combination of majors, minors, and certificates that maximize your interests. Don't limit yourself to one thing!

Our Foundation: Appreciative Advising

As an Exploratory student navigates their exploration journey - advisors - are with them every step of the way. From Admission events, new student orientation, enrollment, and declaration - advisors intentionally track the progress and movement of each Exploratory Pathway student. Pathways students work one on one with a dedicated advisor at least two times a semester, if not more!
Appreciative Advising guides our office within each milestone and appointment we have. We discover who they are, we help them design their own path, and we guide them on delivering their own feasible goals.


Exploratory Pathways is a program within the Undergraduate Advising Center at the University of Kanas - a department with Undergraduate Studies.

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