Looking to Change Your Major

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Did you know that approximately 75% of students change their major at least once? If you find yourself reconsidering your academic path at KU, the Exploratory Pathways team wants you to know that changing your major is a normal part of the college experience. As you continue to grow as a student, it’s likely that you’ve found that your interests, skills, and values are growing and changing too. The resources on this page are meant to help in your exploration process, with a variety of activities and means to discover the best major and/or career fit for you. 

Questions to Consider When Changing Your Major 

  • What did I like or not like about the area I was in? 

  • Are there other majors that I am interested in learning more about? 

    • How are these different or like what I was previously pursuing? 

  • What are my strengths? What classes do I tend to excel in and find interesting, and which do I find very challenging or uninteresting? 

  • What other values am I taking into consideration? 

  • Examples: 

    • Timeline to graduation 

    • Possible admission requirements into a professional school

    • Career opportunities 

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Steps to Take for Exploratory Students

KU provides several free assessments to help you discover the best academic fit.  

Using these tools can either re-enforce interests you have already identified or expose you to new majors and careers you have not encountered before.  

  • HawkQuest is a brief, informal quiz to help you learn about yourself and start thinking about possible careers and majors.     
  • PathwayU helps you to explore majors and occupations that align with your interests, personality, values, and workplace preferences.    
  • This KU majors page allows you to learn more about the skills you will build in each area of study, as well as some of the common professions students enter post-graduation. 

As you identify major and career possibilities, it is important to learn more about each option to understand what you could be choosing in a major or career. 

Running a “What If” Degree Progress Report is a helpful way to see how you past and current  

Once you’ve defined some of your interests, talking with professionals on campus and in your community can be a helpful way of continuing the exploration process.  

  • Advisors can help you see what majors and educational paths at KU best match your interests and give you an idea of what that might look like moving forward in classes. 
  • Career Coaches in the UCC can help you see how majors connect to various careers, and how to gain experience where you can build professional skills. 
  • KU also has a mentoring program called KU Mentoring+ that will pair you with an alumnus, allowing you to learn more about an alumni’s experience in their industry and hear their advice for you as a current KU student. 
  • Your own network of family, professors and peers can provide valuable insight into different industries and opportunities. 

Engaging in activities outside of the classroom can expose you to career paths and opportunities that complement and develop your educational interests. For example, go to professors’ office hours, join student clubs and organizations, and participate in volunteering or internship experiences. However you choose to explore, engaging with the KU campus and community will enrich your time as a Jayhawk!  

To help narrow your course options, we have created curriculum guides specific to your Pathway. Taking courses in an area of interest allows you to get a sense of the faculty in this area and determine if you do in fact want to take more classes related to this topic. Even if you do not pursue a specific subject further, many courses will still fulfill your KU CORE.  

The process to officially change your major varies depending on what major you are pursuing. You can meet with an academic advisor for assistance or follow the steps on our Ready to Declare page.