Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Student working a technology project moving wires

For students who identify interest in innovative construction and design, hands-on learning, exploring how things work, experimenting to determine what is possible, diving into data, and/or solving equations using observations and analysis.

Curriculum Guide:

This guide provides an example of how you can plan your first few semesters at KU. It includes exploratory and introductory courses to consider based on your interests and also lists some common general education requirements for your area of interest. Remember, this guide is just a sample! Your individual plan will change depending on things such as math, English, and language placement, transfer credit, and other factors. If you are unsure about any placement, chat with your academic advisor!

KU Core Breakdown

  • Critical Thinking and Quantitative Literacy

    Critical Thinking and Quantitative Literacy: GE 1.1 & 1.2 - Requires two units. Unit 1.2 can be completed by ACT/SAT exemption. Students will be able to analyze and evaluate assumptions, claims, evidence, arguments, and forms of expression; select and apply appropriate interpretive tools.

  • Communication

    Communication: GE 2.1.1, 2/1/2, and 2.2 - Requires three units. Unit 2.1.1 can be completed by ACT/SAT exemption. Students will be able to generate, explore, organize, and convey ideas in writing, using language and other media to present those ideas clearly, confidently, and in a manner appropriate to specific communication situations.

  • Breadth of Knowledge

    Breadth of Knowledge: GE 3S, 3H, and 3N - Requires three units. Students will be able to demonstrate basic competence in the principles, theories, and analytic methods used in each of the following: arts and humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

  • Culture and Diversity

    Culture and Diversity: AE 4.1 and 4.2 - Requires two units. AE 4.2 can be met by studying abroad. AE 4.1 - students will be able to investigate the diversity of the human experience with the United States. AE 4.2 - students will be able to examine a variety of perspectives in the global community.

  • Social Responsibility and Ethics

    Social Responsibility and Ethics: AE 5.1 - Requires one unit. Unit can be paired with community service. Students will be able to develop and apply a combination of knowledge and skills to demonstrate an understanding of social responsibility and ethical behavior.

  • Integration and Creativity

    Integration and Creativity: AE 6 - Requires one unit. Unit can be a course or an approved experience. Unit usually completed within major. Students will be able to analyze and combine information from different areas within or across disciplines to approach and explain existing questions and problems from new perspectives, to pose new questions, and to generate new ideas.

Get Involved with Your Area of Interest: