Creative Arts & Design

Students on stage performing ballet

Creative Arts & Design is for exploratory students who identify interest in experiencing new identities and ways of thinking; using media, sound, language, or objects to express their understanding of the world; enjoy exhaustive brainstorming and experimentation; can be in the moment to produce works of art; video, or music, enjoy performance; and/or love design in it's various forms.

Curriculum Guide:

These guides provide an example of how you can plan your first few semesters at KU. It includes exploratory and introductory courses to consider based on your interests and lists some common general education requirements for your area of interest. Remember, this guide is just a sample! Your individual plan will change depending on things such as math, English, and language placement, transfer credit, credit by exam, and other factors. If you are unsure about any placement, chat with an academic advisor!

Student Pathways Continue Beyond Exploring 

Student Pathways is not just a tool to explore major opportunities but a way to engage with major and career opportunities throughout your KU journey and beyond into your professional life. You can learn more about how to continue your engagement with student pathways with the University Career Center.

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