Ready to Declare

Student and advisor seated a table having a conversation in front of a laptop

Congratulations! You've decided on an area of study! Now you can move beyond exploring and into the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences or KU Professional School of your choice.
We can help navigate how to declare or apply to your major. Meet with your advisor to get started!

Declaring a Liberal Arts & Science Major

Some College of Liberal Arts & Science (CLAS) majors have admission requirements you must complete or be in the process of completing before you can declare. However, most do not! We strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor in your desired area of study and create a plan to graduate. Your JAA advisor can also help you schedule this appointment. Let CLAS know you are ready to declare, and update your interest code to reflect your chosen major. Instructions are listed below.

Applying to a Professional School

Professional Schools have specific combinations of admission and GPA requirements, as well as specific application deadlines. The following provides instructions on navigating a professional school website:

  • The 'Academics" tab will tell you all about the different degree options a Professional School has, and what classes you would be taking.
  • The "Admission" tab will tell you how to apply to get into that Professional School to complete a major. Be sure to follow the instructions for "current KU students."

Before you apply, you can update your interest code to "pre"- (major choice). Instructions are listed below.

Places to check for admission requirements and application deadlines:
1. the KU Academic Catalog
2. the website of your chosen degree under their "Admission" tab
3. Your advisor! Always check-in with Jayhawk Academic Advising to see if you are ready to apply or declare.

Updating your Interest Code: 

During an advising appointment, your advisor can help you update your academic record to reflect your area of study. You are also welcome to stop by 109 Strong Hall in person and request to declare your major, or email from your KU email address. Be sure to include your student ID number and the major you want added and/or removed. 

  • For a College of Liberal Arts & Sciences major, you can update your interest code to directly reflect your selected major since there are not any admission requirements. 
  • ​For a Professional School that has an application process, you would update your interest code to "pre" (Professional School). Example: Pre-Business.

This lets that School know that you are interested in their program. Often, it also signs you up for important updates and newsletters! While you are a "pre"-professional student it's important to keep track of your application deadlines. 

In addition to your major, don't forget you can add minors or certificates. Sometimes, you can even get a double degree!